Q. How long will my sets be at the festival?

A. Most comics will have 10-12 minute sets at the fest.


Q. When do I expect to hear back regarding my submission?

A. We’ll notify all comics by the 1st week of June.


Q. Will all comedians that have applied be notified about the status of their submission?

A. We will announce the list of selected comedians in the 1st week of June. 


Q. What should my submission tape consist of?

A. Please send us an unedited 5 minute clip of your stand up routine with good audio and video. No cell phone clips please.


Q. Will I get a refund if I’m not selected for the festival?

A. Sorry, we won’t be able process refunds if you don’t make it to the festival.


Q. Will The Desi Comedy Fest pay for my accommodation and travel if I’m selected?

A. No, you will have to make your own arrangements for travel and accommodations.


Q. Why should I apply?

A. You’ll get access to an audience of close to 5000 people with shows all across the bay area, network with comedians and just feel good about being a comic. If you don't believe us, then Check out our instagram @desicomedyfest to get a glimpse of the festival in 2015


Submission Form

Submissions for the 2016 Desi Comedy Fest are now open! The Desi Comedy Fest is an annual South Asian comedy festival held in venues all across the Bay area and will primarily feature talent that have a south asian heritage (South Asian = Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Afghani, Nepalese, Sri Lankan)

Can you apply even if you're not south Asian? Yes! Some of our shows will have  international themes and even though this is a south asian centric comedy fest, we will consider submissions of comedians from minority groups who are asian and middle eastern. 
The submission fee is $15 and the final date for submissions will be on May 15th, 11:59 PM (Pacific Standard Time) 

All submissions will be reviewed by a human being.

Please read the FAQ before completing the form

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